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帶領初學者一起進入R語言及資料分析的世界。 Schedule 2017年 R-basic series一共分為9個主題,一起研習R-basic,並在每月主議程前,Different Ways to Fake GPS Location on iOS Devices - FoneFAQ
Fake Android Location
 · Fake your location So lets begin by turning on Allow Mock Locations.This will allow applications to trick your phone into thinking it’s at a specific geographical location. First we need to
GitHub - zhaochengxiang/iOSWeChatFakeLocation: A tweak that can fake location info in WeChat
Creating Fake (Mock) Data with Python
11 Jan 2019 Creating Fake (Mock) Data with Python Mocking up data for analytics, datawarehouse or unit test can be challenging. This Python package is a fast and easy way to generate fake (mock) data. 4 mins reading time
[開發筆記]小米手機A2 飛人fake gps with pokemonGo | Mike前端工程師筆記
Cannot verify Fake email in GitHub
I have created a GitHub account and, I do not like sharing my email address publicly (I’m sick of Spam), so I followed GitHub’s Keeping Your Email Address Private tutorial and everything worked fine up until the point where you have to verify the fake email you created.
גיטהאב (GitHub) תחת מתקפת DDoS הקשה בתולדותיו | גיקטיים

How can I link an existing directory to an existing git repo …

I have a folder foo, without any git integration /foo file1.txt file2.txt and my own repo, which already has several branches, including master https://my-fake-repo I would like to link foo to the master at https://my-fake-repo, such that if I then ran ‘git diff’, I would see the differences between /foo and https://my-fake …
GitHub - Schlaubischlump/LocationSimulator: Mac application to spoof your iOS device location.
I don’t know one, but it would be easy to split this task in two. Parse the graph, and from a graph generate appropriate commits. This way it would be even easier to have parsers for different versions of the graph (this one, and the one provided by git log –graph) – Colin Hebert Apr 20 ’12 at 15:38
[開發筆記]小米手機A2 飛人fake gps with pokemonGo | Mike前端工程師筆記
Detecting Photoshopped Faces by Scripting Photoshop
We present a method for detecting one very popular Photoshop manipulation — image warping applied to human faces — using a model trained entirely using fake images that were automatically generated by scripting Photoshop itself.
2020 Update: Fake or Change Snapchat Location on iPhone iOS 14/13.6
GitHub now (August 2013) allows you to keep your email address private! See my answer below.You can register a fake email address too, in order to not use it in the commits you are pushing to GitHub. – VonC Aug 12 ’13 at 11:56
How to Change GPS Location on iPhone Easily & Safely
Migration Still using FAKE 4? No, your current build scripts will not break, but the development of new features for FAKE 4 and the old way of using FAKE are no longer supported. A simple build script This is a simple build script in FAKE. Build scripts can contain
How to simulate location in android applications
List of Deep Fake Tools
List of Deep Fake Tools # tutorials Vuild Jul 17, 2019 Originally published at vuild.com on Jul 17, 2019 ・2 min read These tools can be pretty fun to play with. The list below features a range of types & quality, from face swap technology to voice synthesizers, it’s
Vulnerabilities in the U.S. Digital Registry. Twitter. and the Internet Archive • Social Feed Manager
pcsx4, is it a real emulator for PS4 or fake?
 · Location: Poland There is no reason to emulate PS4, while she have almost the same architecture as PC. So real status is unknown, version from github can barely emulate some kernel stuff. PS4Delta seems to be untouched since some time, but maybe
GitHub - Lerist/Go-Hosts: Go Hosts

Real vs Fake Tweet Detection using a BERT …

For Now we will drop columns “Keyboard” and “location” and just use the tweets text information as this blog is about text based classification. Our method, clean_dataset does this. Full code on Github link.
GitHub - masbog/fake-speed-test: let's fake your speedtest.net with location embeded using perl

denysonique/imgPreload @ GitHub

spinner_src – Either a relative path to the spinner or the absolute URL (default: ‘spinner.gif’) fake_delay – pretend images take longer to load, value in ms (default: 10) animation_duration – the duration of the fade in animation, value in ms (default: 1000)
GIT Class G.C.E. Advance Level (Grade 12. 13) - Weladama.com Free Advertising in Sri Lanka
eBay Skin
Animation This section provides information on CSS animations/transitions that are common across one or more modules. Dialog Transitions Skin currently supports two types of dialog transition: fade and slide. Because CSS cannot transition an element to and from hidden (i.e. “display:none”), transitions are acheived using two classes applied during different stages of the animation.
OR twitter search terms · Issue #673 · MSFREACH/msf-reach · GitHub
Skript Documentation
a force of 0 to create a fake explosion that does no damage whatsoever, or use the explosion effect introduced in Skript 2.0. Plays a visual effect at a given location or on a given entity. Please note that some effects can only be played on entities, e.g
Navigating Git and Github: Part I | by Christopher Kuzemka | The Startup | Jul. 2020 | Medium
R-Ladies Taipei
Github Introduction R-Ladies Taipei 在2017年召集了一群夥伴,用15分鐘,歡迎R初學朋友follow R basic
Erick Ruiz de Chavez - DEV Community
White Rabbit
Note that it is currently not possible to produce fake data for SAS files from a scan report. MySQL Server location: the name or IP address of the server running MySQL. You can also specify the port (ex:
Set fake location on iPhone iOS 12 with Relocate tweak
Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free
– The app will insert the fake gps go location into your android phone on the fly gps. If you want to change your location on a browser you will need a VPNa services in connection with our app. Permissions: – Internet – to display the map view – Access Coarse and