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Pronouncing English plurals ending in “s”
Most words in English are made plural by simply adding the letter “s” to the end. Sometimes, if the word ends with a vowel such as “y,” then it changes to “ies” when plural (one baby, many babies, one country, many countries).Sometimes words ending in
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 · DOWNLOAD Plural S Teacher’s Pronunciation Key Based on the above you can see that most words in English end with a /z/ sound. That’s because all vowels in English are voiced and most of the consonant sounds are voiced too (you can read our blog about English sounds here ).
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Ending -s in English

Use of the ending -s in English Grammar in the Plural, in the Simple Present and as an apostrophe 1. -s at the end of English words and their meanings 1.1. Plural form of a noun There are two book s on the desk. Drop the s and you’ll get book.This is a noun. → plural of the nouns
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Plural Nouns
Start studying Plural Nouns – Words Ending in s, ss, ch, sh, x, o.. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. You just …
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Plural s es Words Spelling Worksheets
This set of spelling worksheets focuses on spelling words with plural s and es. These are geared towards a 2nd grade spelling level, but can be used for any kids that are at working on spelling with plural s and es words. Finds lots of 2nd Grade Spelling worksheets
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Examples 3 and 4 are correct because in both cases the words are plural but not possessive. The name Smith becomes plural when we add an s to make Smiths. Making Last Names Plural When They End in s (or sh, ch, z, or x) The name Williams is tougher because it ends with s..
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 · PDF 檔案PLURAL NOUNS NOT ENDING IN S: Add ‘s: the alumni’s contributions, women’s rights. PLURAL NOUNS ENDING IN S: Add only an apostrophe: the churches’ needs, the girls’ toys, the horses’ food, the ships’ wake, states’ rights, the VIPs’ entrance.
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 · PDF 檔案PLURAL RULE TWO Add ‘es’ to words ending in ‘ ch ’, ‘ sh ’ ‘s’, ‘ ss ’, ‘ x’ or ‘ z’ to make the plural one box many boxes beach beach es wish wish es fox fox es bus bus es …
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Singular nouns that end in -s
Some nouns ending in -s are followed by a singular verb when they refer to one unit, or by a plural verb when they refer to more than one: e.g. means, species There is no good means to obtain the aim. Different means have been used to obtain the aim. 4
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Words That End In S
Ending with s. List of 12,527 words that end in s. Find end in s by vowels, syllables, origin and more. Search Find Words Length 3 letter words 4 letter words 5 letter words 6 letter words
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The Rules to Form Plural Nouns
Some nouns ending in -s or -z are made plural by the -s or -z being doubled prior to adding the -es. Example: quiz – quizzes To make plurals from nouns ending in a -y where the letter before the -y is a consonant, change the y to an i and add an -es. Examples:
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Singulars ending in s are usually the same in plural: species, mumps, innings and so on. But proper names ending in ‘s’ take add ‘es’ in plural: Jones becomes the Joneses. Compound words add the plural to the noun part: sons-in-law, Lord Mayors, Courts y ies
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Pronunciation of S in English
How to pronounce words ending in S in English including plural nouns, verbs in third person and in the possessive case. The pronunciation of S at the end of plural nouns, verbs in third person and as a part of the possessive case sometimes causes problems for non-native speakers because it can be pronounced in three different ways: / ɪz /, / s / or / z /.
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Rules for Names Ending in ‘s’
Let’s look at the normal rules for words when we add apostrophe ”s” (‘s). For Plural Nouns For plural nouns (more than one person, place or thing), we add an apostrophe (‘) to show possession.
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Forming plurals
 · Most nouns ending in -ou take an -s in the plural, with a few exceptions. If the singular noun ends in -al or -ail, the plural usually ends in-aux. Adding an -s or -x to the end of a noun does not generally affect the way the word is pronounced. A few common words
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PLURAL OF WORDS ENDING WITH “-OU” In general, the plural of words ending with -ou is very simple: you just add an -s. Example: un bisou – des bisous (a kiss – kisses) BUT… of course there’s a but, otherwise you wouldn’t be learning French! There are a few
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Words ending in -o form plural by adding ‘-s’. In some resources I have read some of these words needs ‘-es’ to make plural (e.g. echo, buffalo). However it seems both form of all such words (-s or -es) are recorded in dictionaries. So is it correct to form plural form of